We want to set an example.

We are the ones who open the doors to the creation and production of fashion.

For this reason, we want to give an example. We intend, not only to demonstrate that we do our best to ensure that this is a sustainable productive chain, but also to set an example for all those who are part of this world. The planet earth is our home and deserves to be protected.

We use sustainable, organic and recycled raw materials. The production is environmentally friendly. We also recycle all waste materials such as processed textile fibers, motor oils, transmission and lubrication, paper, plastic and metal packages.


But that is not all.

The factories with which we collaborate, with cotton waste, knitting needles steel and wooden pallets are other materials that recycle. All these wastes are separated and collected by companies focused on subsequent recycling and recovery processes.

Together we work every day to demonstrate that the commitment to sustainability is serious and that we will always want to protect our planet and also the entire ecosystem. We assume a commitment! We also ensure the human dignity of working people.

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