Give your collection a plus.

We take care of everything

We understand the work of designing an entire collection, that is why we want to make it very easy for you. We have a collection of prints per season. Choose a design from our catalog or ask us for an idea that you have in mind. We will develop it and print it for you with Oeko-tex certified organic inks. In a very short time you will have the organic cotton fabrics with you ready to become your clothes.

Pattern Collection

Our print collection will be available very soon for you to choose those designs that best suit your needs.

Estampados tejidos orgánicos sostenibles Barcelona

Need ideas?

We design your prints. Tell us your wishes and we will make them come true.

En Organic Cloud creamos tus estampados

We make team

At Organic Cloud we believe in the strength of the community, in gathering talents and working hand in hand. It is for that reason that the Bla&Co. print design studio collaborate side by side with us to make those most exclusive orders, those ideas that will make your collection not go unnoticed.

Contact us through this form and tell us your idea. We will contact you shortly to start developing your project.

The prints can be printed on all the fabrics in our catalog, we take care of it.

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